Slow cooker barbecue ribs recipes for you

What is a slow cooker?

It is not very difficult to figure out from the name what a slow cooker is. This kind of kitchen appliance is used for cooking a little bit below 100 °C, which is lower than average cooking temperature. This way the food gets done during several hours, and it gives you the opportunity to leave the pot unsupervised, instead of standing in the kitchen until the meal is ready. Isn’t it convenient? You can make several different dishes this way, including stews, soups, and even desserts.


Barbecuing inside the house

In the case you don’t have a grill that you could use for barbecuing outside, you can still enjoy a portion of delicious barbecue ribs; the same applies when there is snow or rain outside, which makes grilling impossible. You can deal with these situations easily with the help of a slow cooker! Here are some great, simple recipes for making barbecue ribs in your kitchen.

  1. Slow cooker barbecue ribs: a basic recipe

For this recipe, you will need about 2 kilograms pork ribs. Spice them with salt and pepper, and toss them into a preheated oven (around 200 °C) for 30 minutes (turn them over at half-time). While they are in the oven, you can prepare the barbecue sauce. Take 2 cups ketchup, half cup brown sugar, 1 cup chili sauce, 2 teaspoons oregano, 2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce, 4 tablespoons vinegar and some hot sauce, salt, and pepper. Put the ribs in the slow cooker, then pour the sauce on them. Cover the pot, and cook the dish for approximately 6-8 hours. It will be enough for 8 persons.

  1. Slow cooker barbecue ribs with tomato sauce

This one is also a quite basic recipe, but it is for 12 persons (since you will be using 2,5-3 kilogram pork ribs for it), and the sauce is a little bit different from the first one. Moreover, you don’t need to cook the meat in the oven beforehand. For the sauce, mix together the following ingredients: 8-deciliter tomato sauce, 2 tablespoons red wine vinegar, 2 and a half ounces brown sugar, 15 ml soy sauce, 15 ml chili powder, 1 teaspoon paprika, 2 teaspoons cumin, 1 teaspoon garlic powder, some salt, and pepper. The rest of the instructions are identical with the one in the first recipe (although you can make one modification: instead of cooking it for 6-8 hours on low temperature, choose a higher temperature and reduce the cooking time to 3-4 hours instead).

tomato Sauce

  1. Slow cooker barbecue ribs with cola and smoke

To make a very special sauce for your ribs, stir together half cup cola, a quarter cup brown sugar, some salt, and pepper, 2 chopped garlic cloves, 3 tablespoons liquid smoke and one chopped onion. Pour it on the meat and cook it for 8-9 hours (get rid of the rest of the sauce at the end). Pour one and a half cup barbecue sauce on the ribs and cook it for another hour. You will get four servings at the end.