How to make your grill non stick

Summer means grilling time!

What are the great things about summer? Going to the beach, camping in nature, eating ice cream, turning off the heat in the house or something else? For some of us, summer primarily means going outside with proper equipment and starting to grill. Grilling combines together some really great things: fresh air, food, creativity and having fun with others (provided that we have some company, of course). Those who have already discovered this hobby would probably warn you about one very annoying issue: a sticky grill! This should not be something that ruins the fun of grilling since it is quite easy to deal with it. Here are some tips and tricks how to avoid a sticky grill.


  1. Clean your grill

This might seem like obvious things to do, but many people simply forget to clean their grill on a regular basis. Instead of cleaning it after your food is done, you can do it before using it next time. Before cleaning your PG24 Pellet Grill and Smoker¬†apparatus, it is a good idea to heat it up first (it shouldn’t be very hot though, 10-15 minutes of heating will be enough). This way the food remains on the grill become ashy and hard, which is more easy to clean up than sticky food leftovers. You can easily do this with a proper grill brush (or maybe a piece of aluminum foil if you don’t have a brush). A good advice about cleaning your grill: do it before each time you start cooking, not just every once in a while, when it is already so dirty that it bothers you a lot. It is a lot easier to do some minor cleaning each time than to spend long hours trying to get rid of the huge mess that has gathered on the device.

  1. What to pay attention to while grilling

You can keep your grill cleaner by observing a couple ground rules during the grilling process. First of all, never place the meat on a cold grill, only when it is already hot. You can use a very high temperature in the first few minutes, then you can turn it down a bit (depending on the recipe). Before putting down the meat on the grill, make sure you have used some oil first, which also helps prevent stickiness.

Grill pan

  1. Wait with turning the food over

Once the meat (or other kind of meal) is on the grill, don’t try to flip it over too soon. It won’t get ready faster if you try to rush it, it will simply mess up your grill again. If you attempt to turn it over and it doesn’t work, it means the food needs more time, and you should leave it there for a few more minutes. Although if you started cooking with a dirty grill, it will be sticky no matter what, even when the meat is otherwise ready to turn over. That is why you should always start the whole grilling process with step 1!